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Welcome to the Holocaust Memorial web site.

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This site is dedicated to the millions of Jews who were murdered in the genocide Hitler called the "Final Solution" and to the one and one half million children that died with them.

Many people try to avoid the subject we know as the Holocaust. They see it as "Germany's problem" and that it's done with anyway. Many say that it could never happen again. In addition, many people know about it, but they deny it or stay as far away from it as possible. It's time to face the facts. Learn what happened, Understand it, and never forget it. In making this web site, I hope to change your attitude about the Holocaust. I hope that "6 million" isn't just a statistic. Realize that each and every one of those people had hopes, dreams, and futures. And for those of you who do understand it and do respect it, I hope to have a community where you can share your thoughts about it and express your feelings. We can't change the past, but we can learn from it.

The most important part of this page is to express your feelings and thoughts about the Holocaust. Post them freely here or e-mail me.

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I highly recommend going to Chau's website. It is not a Holocaust site, but she has helped me a lot with the making of this web site and her web site is pretty cool. Please go there and sign her guestbook. Thanks Chau!!!