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Holocaust Spotlight
This month's spotlight is on:

Dr. Josef Mengele

Perhaps one of the most evil people next to Hitler, the "Angel of Death" decided the fate of over 2 million Jews. He stood at the platform of Auschwitz and casually chose who was sent to the camp or straight to their deaths in the gas chambers and eventually the crematorium. He did many cruel things in the camps such as beatings, shootings, lethal injections, and medical experiments. He was especially fascinated in twins. Very few twins he used as test subjects survived. He made them sleep in special barracks. Perhaps one of the most horrid acts he commited was literally sewing two twins together. For two days, their mother was forced to watch them suffer as puss continued to come out. The mother eventually could take it no longer and took her and the children out of their misery. How she killed all 3 of them is unknown. Once Mengele killed his people, his experiments were not done. He dissected them for further experimentation. Before he was tried after the war, he escaped and later died of natural causes.

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