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We Must Never Forget
The atrocity known as the Holocaust ended in 1945 when Germany surrendered, Hitler shot himself, and the camps were liberated.

Because of this, more than 6 million Jews were murdered. This number is not just a statistic.  These people had hopes, dreams, and lives. Until the Nazis slaughtered them and everything they ever lived for. This is by far one of the worst genocide's in world history.

When the Holocaust ended, hundreds of Jews that survived lived to tell about it. Thousands share their real life stories about what they went through. We have found pictures, evidence, and Nazi confessions.

Yet people still deny it ever even happened.

We must wake up and face reality. We must realize what happened and never forget it. The Holocaust is over, but our world is far from perfect. Anti-Semitism still exists today as well as prejudice and racism. It's quite clear. What we need to understand is that it could happen again...even in this safe haven we call America. We are not perfect. There is still much work to be done. And you can make a difference.

Let it be known that the Holocaust DID happen, and that we must never forget it. If you have ever made a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, you know what the survivors say at the end. They tell you all they want from us is to remember them. That's the least we can do. The hate must stop NOW. It gets us nowhere. If we all contribute, our communities can change. It's
up to you. Learn, remember, and love.